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EuroPHit Final Project Flipbook: Implementing deep energy step-by-step retrofits - EuroPHit | Increasing the European potential

Handbook: step-by-step retrofits with Passive House Components

Component Award 2016 Flipbook: Ventilation concepts for energy retrofits | Lüftungskonzepte für die Sanierung (English and German)

Certification Guideline Brochure

EuroPHit Reports: Final Report, Step-by-Step Building Criteria, Certificate for step-by-step, Balancing tool for Step-by-Step retrofits, Minimal monitoring, Output file of an overall refurbishment plan, Guideline for economic life cycle assessment, Study on influence of energy efficiency solutions, Report on best-practice financing models, Appraisal guidelines for energy efficient refurbishment, Detailed plan on tasks, Workshop proceedings, Policy guide, Description of one stop shop models, Design briefs for products, Summary of Demands for Product development, Outcomes of Meetings with manufactures, Product concepts, Component Award 2015

EuroPHit Presentations: Project presentations, Financial workshops, Conferences

EuroPHit Training materials

EuroPHit Case studies

EuroPHit Newsletters

EuroPHit Pamphlet

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EuroPHit reports and studies

Balancing tool for Step-by-Step Retrofits
Minimal monitoring

Concept for a minimal monitoring of different buildings undergoing step-by-step energy-efficient refurbishment

Attachement: Comparison of measured energy consumption values using the PHPP heating energy balance (requirement value)




Output file of an overall refurbishment plan

English version

German version

Spanish version

French version



Guideline for economic life cycle assessment

Guideline for economic life cycle assessment of refurbishment, with special focus on step by step solutions






Study on influence of energy efficiency solutions

Increasing the confidence of Financial Institutions in Refurbishments through Energy Efficiency and Quality Assuarance






Report on best-practice financing models

Report on best-practice financing models for energy efficient refurbishment






Appraisal guidelines for energy efficient refurbishment

Detailed version






Detailed plan on tasks

Detailed plan on tasks 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7






Workshop proceedings







Policy guide






Description of one stop shop models






Design briefs for product development
Summary of Demands for Product development



Final Guildelines for Product Development

Final Guildelines for Product Development







Product concepts

Product concepts for high efficiency step-by-step retrofits





Component Award 2015
Award winners:


EuroPHit presentation

General EuroPHit Project presentation

English version    Bulgarian version 

Czech version      Danish version

French version     German version

Italian version      Slovakian version

Spanish version    Swedish version

Financial Workshop presentation

1st EuroPHit Financial Workshop in London, UK - 16.9.2014

2nd EuroPHit Financial Workshop in Bratislava, SK - 29.10.2014

3rd EuroPHit Financial Workshop in Copenhagen, DK - 26.2.2015

4th EuroPHit Financial workshop in Dublin, IE - 20.3.2015

5th EuroPHit Financial workshop in Milan, IT - 23.3.2015

6th EuroPHit Business Case Seminar in Leipzig, DE - 16.4.2015 

7th EuroPHit Financial workshop in Sophia, BG - 28.5.2015

8th EuroPHit Financial Workshop in Sophia, BG - 29.5.2015

9th EuroPHit Financial Workshop in Växjö, SE - 22.9.2015

10th EuroPHit Financial Workshop in Barcelona,  ES - 25.11.2015

11th EuroPHit Financial Workshop in Barcelona 2, ES - 27.11.2015

12th EuroPHit Financial Workshop in Paris, FR - 23.08.2016

Final Financial Workshop in Frankfurt am Main, DE - 18.02.2016


International Conferences presentation

19th International Passive House conference, 17.-18.4.2015 in Leipzig, Germany

Training Materials


Outlines Training Modules for Designers

Outlines Training Modules for Airtightness Installation




Outlines Training Modules for Tradespeople:

English version    Bulgarian version 

Danish version    French version 

German version   Italian version  

Spanish version    Swedish version


Case Studies


List of EuroPHit Case Studies and Observer Projects





EuroPHit Case Study videos:

Case Study #11 - "Tsanko Dustabanov" Primary School

Case Study #13 - Tommerupvej 8B. Rehabilitation Workshop in Næstved

Case Study #14 -Wilmcote Multifamily House, United Kingdom

Case Study #16 - Single family home Centón, Santander

Observer Project #20 - House in St Cyr au Mont d'Or, France

Observer Project #21 - Wicklow, Ireland

Observer Project #23 - Treviana Social Housing in Madrid

Observer project #24 - Church community centre "La Provvidenza", Italy

Observer project #25 - Stjärnhus Stacken, Sweden

Observer project #27 - San Roque Social Housing

EuroPHit Newsletter


EuroPHit Newsletter 2014

EuroPHit Newsletter 2015

EuroPHit Newsletter 2016




EuroPHit pamphlet


English version     Bulgarian version

Czech version       Danish version

French version     German version

Italian version       Slovakian version

Spanish version    Swedish version





EuroPHit poster


English version   Bulgarian version

Czech version     Danish version

French version    German version

Italian version     Slovakian version

Spanish version   Swedish version





EuroPHit  rollups