EuroPHit Training for Designers and Contractors

Carrying out high performance retrofits is of course made easier with the expertise of trained professionals. Through EuroPHit, architects, engineers, and craftspeople were trained in what it takes to carry out a deep energy retrofit in a step by step fashion. Given the condition of our building stock and the current legal situation during the project, demand for trained professionals was certainly increasing.

Through EuroPHit, courses specific to Passive House and step by step retrofits were delivered in partner countries across Europe. The courses were based on material from the well established Certified Passive House Designer and Certified Passive House Tradesperson courses with adjustments for a focus on step by step retrofits.


Practical trainings in dedicated PH labs, Photos © MosArt

These courses were rolled out starting in summer 2014 in all partner countries. The goal was to train the professionals working on the EuroPHit case studies - other interested professionals were welcome to attend as space permitted.

EuroPHit training course materials

The outlines of the EuroPHit training course materials are available here. These materials contain information on the Passive House Designer course, the Passive House Tradespeople course and the training module for Airtightness Installation and Measurement, as well as information on the details of step by step retrofits.