10th Financial Workshop - Barcelona, ES

Tenth workshop held to explore the financing of energy efficient step-by-step retrofits

Date: 25th November 2015

Location: Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Campus Ciutadella, Ramon Trias Fargas 25-27, Barcelona, Spain

Attendees: 15 participants

Official invitation (in Spanish). To read a press release click here.

Dr. Georg Kraft (IzN - left)  and Nuria Diaz (PEP - right) are presenting at 10th Financial workshop in Barcelona, Spain. Photos © IzN


On 25th November before the 7th Spanish Passivhaus Conference, PEP organized a workshop on the measurements for financing EnerPHit retrofits, the high efficiency Standard, carried out step-by-step.

A group of experts from different national and European organizations discussed the different alternatives they have available in Spain: credit lines, subsidies, loans, European programme funding, energy service companies, tax incentives, etc. The goal was to find a way how to make a building project attractive for a financial institution to invest in.

In the end of the session one of the EuroPHit case studies was discussed – a social housing building from the 50s in the city of San Sebastian. This was an example that perfectly represents the reality of Spain, where most residential buildings are multi-family rather than single-family, and the residents must approve every decision.

You can download presentations from Financial workshops or browse other downloadable EuroPHit materials here.