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Renovation strategies of selected EU countries

The BPIE´s report focuses on 10 Member States: Austria, Belgium (Brussels Capital Region), Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Spain and UK. The Member States were selected by BPIE for their building stock and climate diversity.

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Energy Efficiency answer to Fuel Poverty

A BPIE study finds that while subsidies and other financial aid for household heating cannot be a long term answer to fuel poverty, deep energy renovations can provide a sustainable solution.

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Deep renovation of buildings

An effective way to decrease Europe’s energy import dependency


It is widely acknowledged that renovating dwellings and commercial buildings in the EU will have a large impact on the use of energy. This study links shows the strong link between building renovation and the EU’s dependency of imported energy carriers, showing that shallow renovations combined with large shares of renewables cannot compete with the benefits deep rennovation can provide.


90 by 50

NYC Can Reduce Its Carbon Footprint 90% By 2050

Urban Green Council’s latest research report, 90 by 50, demonstrates that the emission reductions required are in fact possible using technologies that are known and in almost all cases currently available, and that the cost is manageable from a citywide perspective. The study comes the the same conclusions as EuroPHitters have by basically outlining EnerPHit retrofitting measures for New York City.

Photo © 2014 U.S. Green Building Council New York Chapter

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90 by 50 presentation, as given on February 28 at the Con Edison event.

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(Released February 14, 2013; errors in Tables 2.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2,  7.1 and 8.1 corrected on September 11, 2013.)