Final Financial Workshop

Final Financial workshop was held to explore the deep retrofit financing.

Date: 18th March 2016

Location: Gewerkschaftshaus, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 69-77, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Attendees: 23 attendees from different countries such as Germany, Austria, Romania, France, Canada, Latvia, United Kingdom and Greece. Attendees also came from different sectors including finance and investment, academia, researchers, designers and students. The presentations of the day were also live-streamed through the International Passive House Association’s YouTube Channel and a number of people followed online from other parts in Germany as well as the United States.

Official invitation and agenda.

Dr. Klaus Stocker (IzN - left) and Dr. Georg Kraft (IzN -right) are presenting at final Financial workshop in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Photos © PHI

Group discussions during the Final Financial Workshop, Photos © PHI


This workshop was the final culmination of a series of national financial workshops that were held throughout the EuroPHit Project. This workshop looked to bring the lessons learned throughout the project course and create a dialogue regarding the way forward to address barriers to financing deep energy retrofits and seize on potential opportunities.

Jan Steiger of the Passive House Institute started the workshop by introducing the EuroPHit project and its outcomes and results. After this brief introduction, Zeno Bastian of the Passive House Institute presented on built examples within the project and the new certification scheme for step-by-step retrofits, which assures owners and investors of the total energy savings following the completion of the final retrofit step.

To engage the group, a first group exercise was conducted where participants shared common financing implementation barriers and existing best practices.

Further presentations where then held, by Dr. Georg Kraft and Prof. Dr. Klaus Stocker of IzN, who examined different mechanisms and concepts of financing retrofits. Following this examples from Tirol (by Gerald Gaigg) and Germany (from Jan Steiger and Rolf Hennes) were presented to examine how this currently works in some areas. Dr. Witta Ebel then presented briefly on the design of step-by-step retrofit financing schemes before leading split-group work, where participants actually designed such a scheme in teams.

Please visit the EuroPHit website for further information and copies of the presentations or contact with any questions.

You can download presentations from Financial workshops or browse other downloadable EuroPHit materials here.