Driving innovation


The right stuff

The availability of the right, high performance products available on local markets can make or break any high performance building project. Luckily, achieving the necessary thermal characteristics in a particular building component does not take step-change innovation and the products needed for building to the Passive House Standard are often not fundamentally different from conventional products on the market – they are simply designed with superior energy efficiency in mind.

Products for step by step refurbishment

When looking at retrofitting and step by step retrofits in particular, the situation is no different. In this field especially, clever ideas and motivated manufacturers are needed to get around tricky situations that just aren't encountered in your typical new build. In retrofitting, for example, space is often at a premium - innovative façade integrated ventilation systems could help planners get around this challenge in their projects. In step by step retrofits, new windows may not be installed at the same time as additional insulation - components that facilitate the decoupling of these measures are thus much needed.


Within EuroPHit, manufacturers were encouraged and supported to design products that aid step by step renovation. Using feedback from the case studies, project partners, some of them manufacturers themselves, are working to generate ideas for new product designs.



Summary of demands for product development was developed within the EuroPHit project and aimed at the Passive House standard. Although this is focused on the needs of step-by-step renovation, the identified areas for product development are mostly valid also for 1-step renovations or new buildings.

Download the Final document.






The meetings with the producers has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of innovation. Emerging new technologies, such as enthalpy through reversed airflow ventilation (Wafe, Airpohoda) or new methods of window installation in retrofit cases (see Component Award) are examples of solutions that will positively affect high efficiency retrofits in the future.

Download the Final document.