11th Financial Workshop - Barcelona, ES

Eleventh workshop held to explore the financing of energy efficient step-by-step retrofits

Date: 27th November 2015

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Attendees: The EuroPHit project as well as financial schemes were presented during the Passivhaus Conference on November 27 in Barcelona, by Dr. Klaus Stocker, with about 250 participants.

See the official agenda of the conference here (Spanish). More information and videos find here.

Dr. Klaus Stocekr (IzN - left) is presenting at 11th Financial workshop in Barcelona, Spain. View on Plenum of Passivhaus Conference (right) Photos © IzN


After the success of the first workshop carried out in Barcelona  with financial institutions and other relevant organizations in Spain, PEP has organized a second edition of the workshop for the assistants of the Passivhaus Spanish national conference.   Among the audience, there were  architects, craftsmen, politicians, bankers and manufacturers. Nearly 300 participants, who work daily in energy retrofits all around the country.

This time Klaus Stocker has presented his experiences during the project and the main conclusions about how to deal with financial barriers in order to achieve the best results in energy retrofits: new strategies and options.  A topic that is of great interest for the audience, due to the difficulties to undertake such projects since the beginning of the economic crisis.

The workshop was carried out in the beginning of a special session focus on retrofits. It was followed by the presentation of four relevant Enerphit projects: a congress center,  a rural hostel, a pavilion of the University and a Civic Center.

The session concluded with a round table where experts and public have discussed about the roadmap of energy retrofits in Spain.

The presentation of this workshop is available in the PEP website: www.platafora-pep.org


You can download presentations from Financial workshops or browse other downloadable EuroPHit materials here.