Passive House Institute, Germany

The Passive House Institute is the independent research institute reponsible for defining the Passive House Standard. The Institute focuses its efforts on Passive House research, quality, assurance as well as international networking through iPHA, the International Passive House Association.

International Passive House Association, Germany

An initiative of the Passive House Institute, iPHA is a global network of Passive House stakeholders working to promote the Passive House Standard and foster a greater public understanding of its significance.

Zero Energy and Passivhaus Institute for Research, Italy

ZEPHIR is an Independent research institute in the field of energy efficient buildings promoting the Passive House concept in the Mediterranean region.

La Maison Passive, France

La Maison Passive is an association of building professionals active in development of Passive House construction.

MosArt, Ireland

MosArt is a multi-disciplinary environmental design consultancy firm that stands as a leading provider of Passive House training in the English speaking world. The firm is also heavily involved in certification of Passive House buildings.

Inštitút pre energeticky pasívne Domy, Slovakia

iEPD is a Passive House association standing for the promotion of Passive House technology. It provides information and works to stimulate the Slovakian market for energy efficient buildings and components.

Interessegrupp Passivhus Sverige AB, Sweden

IG Passivhus Sverige is a the Swedish Passive House association. It works to promote Passive House technology, provide information as well as stimulate the Swedish market for energy efficient construction.

Plataforma de Edificacion Passivhaus, Spain

PEP is a non-profit association of Passive House stakeholders that aims to develop the Passive House concept and promote it in the Spanish-speaking world. ApS, Denmark is a specialised consultancy and knowledge centre for the implementation of energy-efficient buildings, providing engineering consulting services. The firm is also an accredited certifier of Passive House buildings.         

EnEffect Group, Bulgaria

Eneffect Group, a subsidiary of the non-profit organisation EnEffect, performs energy audits and energy efficient certification of buildings.

Atrea s.r.o., Czech Republic

Atrea is a private company with many years of experience in the field of indoor air quality and heat recovery system development.

Askeen S.r.l., Italy

Askeen S.r.l. is an innovative window manufacturer focusing on energy efficient integrated window solutions for new and refurbished buildings.

Onyx Solar Energy, S.L., Spain

ONYX is an SME performing R&D in the field of photovoltaic strategy solutions and their manufacture for integration in buildings (BIPV) based on thin-film and crystalline silicon photovoltaic technologies through the replacement of conventional construction materials such as skylights, façades, curtain walls or roofs.

IzN Friedrichsdorfer Institut zur Nachhaltigkeit e.V., Germany

IzN is a non-profit association of professionals for research and advisory projects in the area of sustainable development.


Building Research Establishment, United Kingdom

BRE is a non-profit, independent research organisation, delivering consultancy, training and research programmes and as well as BREEAM and Passive House certification.