9th Financial Workshop - Växjö, SE

Ninth workshop held to explore the financing of energy efficient step-by-step retrofits

Date: 22nd September 2015

Location: Växjö, Viktoriahallen i IOGT-huset vid Vattentorget

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Georg Kraft (left) is presenting in front of large audience at 9th Financial workshop in Växjö, Sweden; Photos © IzN

September 22 was the "Inspiration of passive house" in Växjö. IG Passive House organized the event which gave an overview of economic and ecological sustainability of energy-efficiency projects, and it presented EuroPhit project.

35 people had gathered in Victoria Hall and listened first to Simone Kreutzer IG Passive House which presented her own residence, Villa Circuitus. The house contains a range of innovative products and solutions that are new to the Swedish market.

Then it was time for Georg Kraft (Chairman of Friedrichsdorfer Institute for Sustainability) and Rolf Hennes presenting EuroPHit project. Both German pensioner, who previously worked for the large German bank KfW. EuroPHit project involves phased renovation that makes older homes profitable, energy-efficient in a lifecycle perspective. The principle is to do the entire renovation at once but incrementally.

They presented including a list of funding opportunities in Europe for renovations. The goal is to get more banks working with EU funds for energy efficient renovations. That would mean that the bank can attract new customers through favorable loans motivated to streamline its property. In Sweden, there is still room for improvement on the part.


You can download presentations from Financial workshops or browse other downloadable EuroPHit materials here.