Certification Platform

Online Platform for Passive House Certification

The goal of the online platform was to offer guidance for the Passive House Designers and Certifiers throughout the planning, building and certification processes, and to store the documentation required for the certification. In this way, the quality assurance was set to the highest standards optimizing the decision making process. One of the key characteristics of the Online Certification is the capability to adapt every project type ranging from new building projects to step by step refurbishments. This makes it valuable for implementing the quality assurance in the EuroPHit Case Studies and Observer Projects.

2015 Example Project presented on the Online Certification Platform © PHI

How does the platform work?

The platform is a structured guide-line, following an interactive workflow which is charted with comments, reminders and check boxes. It is designed to increase the quality assurance and speed-up the verification process. The communication between the Client and the Certifier is organised around a carefully designed Checklist which makes reference to all the important aspects regarding our two main focuses: energy efficiency and quality assurance.

The person who applies for certification, receives a login, which they can forward to the architect or contractor, responsible for gathering the documentation. In the next step, the designated user drag-drops their documentation following the guided streamline of the Certification Platform. They then tick the box for "Notify Certifier" for e.g. the "Airtightness test report" etc. When some minimum information is available, the Certifier starts their review. They are automatically notified of the modifications that occurred on every project they are working on. During the verification of the project they either tick "OK by Certifier", or write a comment, explaining what issues still need to be cleared.


2015 The interactive checklist  © PHI

As we all know, every single project has particularities ranging from size to different site conditions, various climatic zones and building purposes. The Certification Platform is a flexible tool which enables both the Certifier and the designated user to enter new Categories, Subcategories and Issues. In this way, the structure is molded on the project’s features, enabling faster communication. Finding project solutions has never been faster and easier.

When dealing with a step-by-step refurbishment project, every action must be correctly scheduled and carefully recorded, in order to allow further building improvements. The Certification Platform centralizes the information, allowing the team to establish the optimal refurbishment steps. When the time comes for the next refurbishment upgrade, the information regarding what has been done is available on the Platform, no matter if the team will change its composition.

The Online Certification Platform was planned to be the backbone structure of the entire information exchange which takes place during the certification process, between the Passive House Designer and the Certifier. It is a major step forward towards quality assurance and energy efficiency in the built environment.