2nd Financial workshop - Bratislava, SK

Second workshop held to explore the financing of energy efficient step-by-step retrofits

Date: 29th October 2014

Location: Hotel Tatra, Bratislava, Slovakia

Attendees: 25 people attended the workshop from a number of different sectors, including the finance and investment sectors, housing associations and other portfolio managers, and designers.

2014 Bratislava, SK. The second EuroPHit Financial Workshop was held in Hotel Tatra (left); Georg Kraft presenting at the Workshop (right), Photos © PHI


This was the second workshop in a series that will be held in each of the EuroPHit partner countries. The workshops are being held to explore the barriers, opportunities and potential solutions to financing deep retrofits at scale. The first session, held in London, was chaired by BRE.

Bjørn Kierulf of Createrra began the session in Bratislava by explaining the context of the EuroPHit project and how it is positioned to scale the number of deep retrofit projects in Slovakia and other partner countries. After this brief introduction, Georg Kraft of IzN presented on his experiences of mechanisms for financing retrofits in Germany and using EU funds, which included sharing lessons from case study projects, discussing financial barriers to undertaking retrofits and exploring new/alternative financial models.

Peter Robl of Knauf Insulation focused his presentation on the domestic financing of renovations, showing some numbers of building stock in Slovakia, the costs of renovation and financing models.

Many interesting discussions were had throughout the sessions, particularly around public perceptions, demonstrating cost effectiveness and legislative drivers. The outcomes of the discussions will go on to inform the development of the EuroPHit project, with further workshops planned over the coming months. This concerns especially the following aspects:

  • trying to attract more participants from the financial sector.
  • arranging meetings with local banks which are possible intermediaries for the development banks  (CEB, EIB, EBRD, KfW) to implement programs using EU funding


You can download presentations from Financial workshops or browse other downloadable EuroPHit materials here.