CS16 Single family home Centón, Santander

Current status: 
Building Owner: 
Cesar Blanco Sancibrián
Consulting EuroPHit Partner: 

Plataforma PEP - Contact person Nuria Díaz 

Existing treated floor area (usable floor space): 
75.78 m²
Original situation: 

House Centón is a small single family home with brick walls and a light wooden structure for the floor and roof. The thermal envelope has no insulation. Ventilation is natural, using opening windows. Windows have single glazing and different types of frames. The heating and hot water system are coal based.

The house is empty since the old couple who used to lived there died more than 10 years ago. Now the building is in a  very bad condition. The relatives who inherited the property have the intention of doing a refurbishment to prepare it for their present and future necessities: first as an office and later as a family home.

The challenges of the project are:

-to achieve Passivhaus comfort and energy level.

-to define EnerPHit criteria and "step by step" requirements for warm climates.

-to work with a low budget

Modernisation proposal: 

The challenge is to achieve EnerPHit standard with a low cost construction and in several phases. The refurbishment will be done in four steps, starting in 2014:

Step 1: Foundation reinforcement and insulation under the basement (if possible)

            Roof improvement (structure, insulation and airtightness)

            Passivhaus windows installation

            Preparation of the interior spaces to use them as an office

            First occupation: summer 2014

Step 2: Exterior wall insulation                     

Step 3: Airtightness improvement and installation of the mechanical ventilation heat recovery system (MVHR)

Step 4: A future phase will be done in case the new owners decide to use the building as a family house preparing the building for this use:  house services and finishes

Efficiency improvement: 
PHPP verification sheet before retrofit: 
after retrofit: 
Connection details and thermal performance of the building: 
C/Camarreal nº 36
39011 Santander Cantabria