OP04 Student house, Maison des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires, Paris

Current status: 
Building Owner: 
Maison des Industries Agricoles et Alimentaires
Consulting EuroPHit Partner: 

LaMP - Contact person Simon Camal

Existing treated floor area (usable floor space): 
2 500.00 m²
Original situation: 

The student house has been finished in 1956, it comprises 1500 m² of student rooms. The existing walls are made of a 25 cm thick concrete beam structure filled with hollow brick on the facades and 45 cm thick stone on gable wall, no insulation. Ventilation is poor as students tend not to open windows especially in winter, and mould has been detected on the walls of various rooms. Services (especially ventilation and hot water) are inefficient and will be revised. Windows are aluminium double pane in rooms, PVC double pane in bathrooms, and have a very poor airtightness. No insulation on the concrete roof or on the concrete slab.

A major challenge for this project is to install efficient mechanical ventilation with heat recovery on the outside of the existing envelope. The foreseen extension of the envelope through a steel framework will require extra care in planning and building.


Modernisation proposal: 

All layers which are not load-bearing will be destroyed: brick fillings, interior walls and plenums. A new exterior shell combining steel and bio-based insulation (hemp, straw…) will be erected to extend the existing levels. Triple pane windows of passive house quality will be inserted in the insulation layer.Building services (ventilation, heating) will be installed into shafts prepared in the new shell. Fresh air will be heated via a hydraulic heating coil, supplied in rooms and extracted in bathrooms with limited duct lengths. Different mechanical ventilation units with heat recovery will supply independently rooms, services rooms and kitchen.Two new levels will be added on the existing roof and connected to the steel structure.The design team considers switching from district heating to gas boiler + 100 m² free standing solar thermal panels. After 2016, a PV system could be installed on the roof and rented to an energy facility.

5 Boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris