CS12 Single family home, Svartbäcksvägen 11, Stockholm

Current status: 
Building Owner: 
Ville & Andrea Mäkinen
Consulting EuroPHit Partner: 
Existing treated floor area (usable floor space): 
150.00 m²
Original situation: 

The building is a typical concrete-block detached villa from the 1950’s. The lower floor (partially under ground) used to have 3 rooms and a bathroom plus sauna. It has also access to the attached garage. The floor has been excavated already and the access to the upper floor has been preliminarily blocked, i.e. the house is only lived in at the upper floor level.

There is no insulation whatsoever (apart from some woodchips in the ceiling).

Challenges are to insulate the bottom floor and still have enough ceiling height and get the lower level walls insulated – since the whole building sits on and in the rocky terrain and digging is costly and time-consuming. Getting the top ceiling airtight is another challenge.

RES will most likely not be used, since there is district heat already used in the building – which provides both, cheap and environmentally friendly energy for heating and DHW.

Modernisation proposal: 

In the first stage the proposal is to insulate the lower level (floor and walls). This would also give the possibility of getting rid of the radon gas infiltration and makes the lower floor useable again. In addition, the top ceiling (flat under the roof) would be insulated with easy-to-apply cellulose insulation, also improving airtightness. The airtightness of the existing windows will be improved by the preliminary application of stick-on sealing tapes. Ventilation will be done manually and with the existing extract fans. The next stage would see the change of windows and doors plus the installation of the MVHR system. At the same time, the PH airtighness level will be achieved. The last step is the insulation of the façade.

Efficiency improvement: 
PHPP verification sheet before retrofit: 
after retrofit: 
Current situation: 

The floor in the basement has been completely removed for renovation & upgrade; pipes and ducts are suspended/supported, since the house is still lived in upstairs. Foamglas and woodfibre on top, bearing the underfloor heating, will make up the new floor slab.Windows are still of the old-style double glazed ones, there is no insulation in walls and floor and only a little basic 50’s-style sawdust-insulation in the top ceiling. Apart from the extract fan in kitchen and bathroom, there is no mechanical ventilation and no heat recovery. District heat has been drawn into the building not too long ago, serving a water-borne central heating system with radiators.The pressure test has resulted in n50=4.41 ac/h (mainly through windows and their installation), thermal pictures have revealed certain spots showing thermal bridging.Garage and porch on top are also not insulated, the doors are drafty.No on-site renewables are installed.

Challenges of the project: 
The ground below and around the house is solid rock – it is therefore not so easy to dig down and around it for additional insulation. Waste pipe level outside the house does not allow for digging too deep, either.
Svartbäcksvägen 11
12844 Stockholm